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Albany DMS
People come in all shape and sizes as do business' and so our ranges are crafted to cater for them all. Offering a variety of styles and accessories, you are bound to find the style to suit your needs.
When you buy furniture you are guaranteed high levels of product quality. Combined with our personal Albany DMS touch and outstanding service.

Office Furniture and Seating


With various seating product ranges in the Albany DMS range, our seating selection provides a comprehensive selection of chairs, ranging from cafe and soft seating chairs through to specialist posture chairs.


A comprehensive selection of our desking ranges. From the classic executive office to your everyday desk for home or office.


Albany DMS office furniture ranges includes a wide variety of seating, desking and steel storage. Our product range includes a wide variety of seating, desking and steel storage products.Using the Sirius, Carina, Polaris, Vega, Cappela and Aquarii brands, our furniture offering provides traditional and contemporary options for entry level, mid market and executive budgets. Combined with our new furniture delivery and installation service, the Albany DMS furniture proposition provides you with a quick and efficient solution to your furniture needs.


A comprehensive selection of various storage is offered. Ranging from basic filing cabinets to tambour units and lockers. To feedback any compliments, comments or queries about product type, packaging or range offered please email sales@albanydms.com

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