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Video calls for up to 40 participants without leaving your office.

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If you need to hold remote meetings with clients or customers, video conferencing can offer your company huge benefits and save you the trouble and expense of travelling

We can tailor a system to suit your exact requirements, whether it's a small local meeting or a large event or conference. Our video conferencing solutions are delivered in one software-based platform, with no need for you to install complete hardware.

Our systems are simple to use and you can host group video calls for up to 40 participants without leaving your office. They also offer features that you will actually use, including favourites lists, audio calls, data sharing and even calender integration with Google calender and Microsoft Outlook. You can connect through the cloud or over your own network. If you are considering installing video conferencing, speak to us about which system is best suited to your business.

On Cloud Conferencing

Cloud based video conferencing and best in class mobile apps can be accessed via your laptop, tablet and smartphone, and can even be used to access third party video calling systems. The cloud solution is designed to be easy to access and use, leaving you to focus on your meeting or event.

On Premises Conferencing

If you have existing video conferencing facilites or need complete IT customization or security, then on-premises conferencing is the best solution for you. It offers the same ease of use, performance and features as on-cloud conferencing with the added benefit of giving your IT department complete control.

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